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Climbing is an expanding culture. Joining a variety of climbing characters, we offer you a pick-and-mix of rock types – desert sandstone, hard-as-nails granite, limestone, gritstone and - yes - resin. Just grab your popcorn and get stuck in.

Towering over the small town of Bürs, Prinzip Hoffnung (E9/10, 8b/+) features bold moves and precarious gear placements with serious fall potential. With lingering injuries and a rapidly shrinking weather window conspiring against them, uncertainty and doubt begins to creep in for Anna Hazlett and climbing partner Tom Randall.
Dir. Anna Hazlett
US / 18'

Soundscape shares the sightless experience of climbing a mountain featuring Erik Weihenmayer as he ascends a massive alpine rock face deep in the Sierra Nevada.
Dir. Timmy O'Neill
US / 15'

The Grand Capucin is a 500-metre high rocky obelisk in the heart of the Mt. Blanc massif. Follow climbers Christophe Dumarest and Symon Welfringer as they embark on a ‘Grand’ project to take on one of the Capucin’s hardest routes. With thrills, spills, a spot of contemplation and a healthy amount of mockery, we invite you to join an atypical climbing duo as they tackle one of the monuments of Mt. Blanc.
Dir. Marc Daviet
France / 25'

A group of climbers aspire to bring more inclusivity in the Indian climbing scene by developing new sport routes in Badami - a town known for its historic temples of the Chalukya dynasty. With the help of a crowdfunding initiative they get the support they need to bring the community together, train a new generation of route developers and create lasting bonds through a shared love for climbing.
Dir. Pratik Singla
India / 29'

As a Mexican American, Natalie Connell spent her life balancing two cultural identities, with neither fitting quite right on its own. Through art and climbing, she’s found her rightful place as a bridge between the two - this is her story.
Dir. Julie Ellison
US / 9'

Presented by The North Face.

There are two Climb Film Collections, each with an entirely different selection of films - the Red Collection and the Blue Film Collection.