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Sunday 20th November, 2022
Basecamp - Kendal
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Expect a flow that recalibrates the breath with the movements known as ‘moving meditation’. You'll increase your flexibility and calm your mind with a series of side stretches, forward folds, and hip openers. It even hits on some wrist and hand stretches for those who enjoy bouldering and climbing. Sabine’s classes are welcoming, down to Earth, and inclusive by making an ancient practice easy to digest. Her main message is that yoga is for everybody. Feel the opening, strengthening and ease that develops as you revisit, renew, and reconnect with your innate self. This yoga flow will grant you the physical and mental freedom to challenge any existing self-imposed boundaries and embrace yourself with unabashed acceptance. Bring your yoga mat if you have one and remember to wear comfortable clothing that enables you to move freely. 

Don't forget your Yoga mat! 


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