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Saturday 20th November, 2021
Basecamp - Kendal
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Downward dog in your down jacket?! The BAM yoga sessions are back:

Remember your Yoga mat! 

Friday 19th - 'Explore the Inner Landscape'

Helen Roscoe 

Start from the outside and move inwards as Helen guides you through a series of postures and pauses designed to cultivate a greater sense of overall steadiness and ease. Expect a practice centred around the breath through an approach that could be described as a moving meditation. Helen's practices are set up to be accessible, welcoming and nurturing, this isn't an endurance session by any means but should provide you with a platform to notice how you feel physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. The session will close with a short meditation in preparation for your day ahead.

Saturday 20th - 'Vinyasa flow with positive psychology' 

Rosie Underwood 

Rosie is a specialist in Vinyasa flow with positive psychology and will be guiding you through a dynamic, uplifting sequence designed to elevate your mood, releasing any tension in the physical or emotional body, setting you up on an incline as you enter the weekend. Rosie weaves her knowledge as an integrative health coach into the sessions so expect some good take always, expect to sweat and to feel happy! 

Sunday 21st - 'Wake up with Wibbs'

Wibbs Coulson 

Leading you through a strong but accessible vinyasa with a strong element of anatomy involved to ensure the whole body get the most from the practice. We will incorporate up to date breathing techniques to help bring awareness to the poses and posture and feel a greater level of grounding, all while remembering that while we take our yoga seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.