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Sunday 19th November, 2023
Brewery Arts Centre - Malt Room - Kendal
3:00pm (GMT+0:00) Europe/London (Greenwich Mean Time)
Run time: 1 hour
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An exhilarating and deeply moving story of Toby Carr's attempt to sea kayak the Shipping Forecast. When Toby sadly passed away his sister Katie wrote his book and is attempting to finish his journey.

The Shipping Forecast has been described as the UK’s national lullaby: a source of dependability and calm in our often chaotic world, it has charmed millions of listeners and aided generations of seafarers across the decades. No stranger to weathering a storm after living with a rare life-limiting condition and facing the death of his brother, avid kayaker Toby Carr set out to explore the areas of the Forecast.

On a journey that took him to the harshest and most tranquil stretches of our sea, Toby found the real people, places and stories behind the familiar names and imagined environments of the well-loved BBC broadcast. From the wildness and peace of the sea, looking back at the land, Toby hoped to gain the strength and balance he knew nature could provide and to discover what anchors us to each other.

Toby’s sister Katie joins us on stage to share the book she wrote from his extensive notes and recordings after his untimely death, Moderate Becoming Good Later is both an epic adventure – sometimes choppy, constantly moving – and a personal voyage of discovery that includes old friends and new, plenty of wildlife, and the ever-present sea.

"Moderate Becoming Good Later" by Toby and Katie Carr will be available to purchase at the Festival book store over the Festival weekend.

There will be a book signing straight after the event.

Published by Hachette.


'Heartbreaking, and utterly wonderful. A journey that had to be made, and a story that had to be told.' - Alex Bescoby, adventurer and author. 

'The sort of adventure I've often dreamed of late at night, with additional layers of poignancy and love.' - Alastair Humphreys, adventurer and author. 

'A very moving tale, in every way imaginable.' - Tristan Gooley, author of The Natural Navigator.

About Katie Carr:

Katie Carr is an artist, leadership coach and university lecturer. After the death of her brother, on finding Toby’s extensive documentation of his trip, she decided to finish telling the story he so clearly wanted to share. Katie lives in Barcelona with her partner and their two boys.