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Saturday 19th November, 2022
Kendal Town Hall - Chambers - Kendal Town Hall - Chambers
Run time: 1 hour
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Faye Latham joins us on stage to raise questions regarding our relationship with a history which has glorified the conquering of mountain lands to rewrite and remove the stories of so many. She explores the ways in which a mountain might change us; what it might reveal, and what it might erase. 

Faye's new work British Mountaineers will be available to purchase at the Festival book store over the Festival weekend.

It is a visual collection taking F. S. Smythe’s British Mountaineers (1942) as its primary text and transforms the pages through the subtractive process of erasure. Each page is reworked into poetry; landscapes to be experienced through the collage and stitching techniques with which they have been written. Like rock climbing and mountaineering, the path discovered in erasure poetry is often found by trial and error – moving around the page until something feels right, even if the outcome is not always certain.

There will be a book signing straight after the event.

Published by Little Peak Press.  

About Faye Latham

Faye is a poet and rock climber based in Snowdonia and London, she loves spending time in the mountains, whether that be climbing, cycling or swimming. In January 2020 she was awarded the Literature Wales Bursary for Writers Under 25 to support the development of her poetry, which resulted in my work being published in Lumin Journal, the 'CTC Rewilding Anthology, The Cambridge Literary Review and on UKClimbing.com.

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