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Saturday 18th November, 2023
Kendal Town Hall - Chambers - Kendal Town Hall
2:15pm (GMT+0:00) Europe/London (Greenwich Mean Time)
Run time: 1 hour

Event Details

Glowflake, Rocket, Small Skies, Kind Spears, Marilyn . . .

Moss is known as the living carpet but if you look really closely, it contains an irrepressible light. Join author Elizabeth-Jane Burnett on stage to celebrate the unsung hero of the plant world. Making her way through wetlands from Somerset to Country Tyrone, Burnett discovers the hidden vibrancy of these overlooked spaces, renaming her favourite species of moss as she recovers from her grief at her father's death and draws inspiration from the resilience and tenacity of her plant - and human - friends.

Elizabeth's book 'Twelve Words For Moss' will be available to purchase at the Festival book store over the Festival weekend.

There will be a book signing straight after the event.

Published by Allen Lane.


"Twelve Words for Moss is a fascinating, subtle and risk-taking book; its remarkable opening pages in particular dis-orient and re-orient the reader, readying us for the forms of attention-giving to the overlooked and undersung world of mosses which the rest of the book beautifully practices. Poetry, descriptive-evocative prose, memory, memoir, natural history and more all drift and mingle in strikingly new ways in Burnett's book, down at the "boundary layer" where this ancient, modest life flourishes so generatively." - Robert Macfarlane

"Exquisite, luminous and quietly radical ... so electric and so alive. It makes the world more beautiful and dimensional and vibrant - or more-so, it shows the world as it is to our moss-blind, weary eyes with a prose style that is utterly unique and refreshing ... I loved it." - Lucy Jones

"Burnett stretches the limits of prose, infusing it with poetic intensity to create a powerful, original voice" - Guardian

About Elizabeth Jane-Burnett:

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett is a poet and academic whose research explores environmental issues through creative writing. She is the author of The Grassling, an exploration of memory and natural history, and a contributor to The Guardian's 'Country Diary' column. She has also published two poetry collections: Swims, a Sunday Times Poetry Book of the Year, and Of Sea.