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Friday 17th November, 2023
Kendal Town Hall - Kendal
2:00pm (GMT+0:00) Europe/London (Greenwich Mean Time)
Run time: 1 hour

Event Details

The enormity of climate change and biodiversity loss can leave us feeling overwhelmed. In this event Lee Schofield talks to Ben Goldsmith, a strong and credible voice for conservation and, in particular, as a campaigner for rewilding, which seeks to undo the damage inflicted by humans on the landscape, restoring complex ecosystems, such as the delicate balance between vegetation, herbivore and predator.

Ben Goldsmith is the author of 'God is an Octopus: Loss, Love and a Calling to Nature'. Struggling to comprehend the shocking death of his teenage daughter, Ben finds solace in immersing himself in plans to rewild his Somerset farm.

Lee Schofield is the author of 'Wild Fell - Fighting for nature on a Lake District hill farm'. Compassionate and well-informed, this is a story of hope and renewal for both nature and farming.

Ben will be signing his book straight after this event

'God is an Octopus' is published by Bloomsbury Wildlife

Ben and Lee's books will be available in the bookshop all weekend