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Thursday 2nd May, 2024
Broadway - Nottingham
7:00pm (GMT+0:00) Europe/London (Greenwich Mean Time)
Run time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Minimum Age: 12
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Event Details

Prepare for an unforgettable night of adventure as the Kendal Mountain Tour 2024 returns with a brand new film collection and special guest speaker!

The film collection is entirely new for this second 2024 Tour event.

Join us on a journey through the world’s most breath-taking landscapes with a selection of award winning films showcasing the year’s most daring feats of courage and tales of human resilience. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or simply someone who appreciates the majesty of nature, this tour promises to ignite your sense of adventure and leave you with a renewed appreciation for the planet we call home. The films will be introduced by a member of the Kendal Mountain Presenting team.

Get ready to be thrilled, inspired and moved at the Kendal Mountain Tour 2024 – where adventure begins at your doorstep…

Guest Speaker:

Alongside the collection of films, we’re joined on stage by endurance athlete Preet Chandi, MBE, also known as Polar Preet. As a British Army Officer, world-record-breaking explorer, and inspirational speaker, Preet embodies the values of determination, courage, and social responsibility. Her story is not just one of personal triumph but serves as a beacon of what’s possible for all, regardless of background, gender, or colour.

Preet’s many achievements include becoming the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition in Antarctica (2021), and breaking two Guinness World Records in January 2023, for both the longest solo unsupported one-way polar ski journey for a woman and also the longest solo unsupported one-way polar ski journey overall. Beyond Antarctica, Preet has conquered three 4,000m mountains, including Mont Blanc, and has participated in multiple ultramarathons, notably the 156- mile Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert. May 2023 sees the launch of her debut book (for young people) “The Explorers Guide to Going Wild: Find Adventure Anywhere”.

Films to be added soon.